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Substitute Teacher Checklist Template

Schools and Education

Used for prepping subs for class.

General Tips

Task list

  • Always dress neatly, professionally and comfortably
  • Get to know the secretary in every school where you would like to sub, make sure you are on the sub list and that you update your contact information whenever it changes.
  • Keep a file on each school with the admin names, map to the school, list of faculty, school policy and procedures, and notes on teachers.
  • Meet the other teachers but stay out of gossip or politics.

Be Prepared for the Day

Task list

  • Arrive earlier than requested.
  • Locate emergency exits and alarms.
  • Find out where supplies are kept.
  • Locate all materials for the lesson plan.
  • Find out how to pronounce names on attendance sheet before class.
  • Make sure to visit the faculty break room for socializing.

Throughout the Day

Task list

  • if seating chart is not available make on while you take attendance.
  • Learn as many names as possible.
  • Follow the plans that the teacher left for you. Do not disregard them and do your own thing. Supplement with your own activities only after the assigned work is done.
  • Let one ONE student out of the class at a time, make a sign out sheet.