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Hospitality Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Template


Used to keep the restaraunt/hotel kitchen up to par


  • Check that all employees are wearing clean clothing
  • Make sure all employees are wearing hair nets
  • Ensure that all employees follow safety procedures

Food Handling

  • Check to be sure that all foods are thawed and chilled appropriately
  • Make sure that chemicals are stored away from food


  • Make sure that the floor is cleaned and free of spillage or slipping hazards
  • Ensure that the receiving dock is cleaned
  • Make sure that the freezer, refrigerator and dishwasher temperatures are checked and recorded
  • Check that all stoves are cleaned after use
  • Check that all sinks are cleaned and sanitized after use
  • Check that all work counters are cleaned and sanitized after use
  • Make sure that the steam table is cleaned and sanitized after each use
  • Be sure that the ice maker is cleaned regularly
  • Make sure that mixers are cleaned and covered after use
  • Check that dishcloths are washed at the end of each day
  • Make sure that all tools are cleaned, locked and inventoried
  • Check that all dishes, pots, pans, and utensils are cleaned and stored properly
  • Check that tray return windows are clean

Waste Disposal

  • Make sure that all wastes are segregated (recycling, compost, waste)
  • Check that trash bins are emptied and cleaned after each meal