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Posting a Job on Indeed Checklist Template

Human Resources

Steps to creating a job post on Indeed

Step 1: Go to the Employer Homepage at

  • Go to
  • Click on "POST A JOB"
  • Setup your account with email address, password, and company name

Step 2: Set up the Employer Account

  • Complete setup of your employer account by adding your full name and contact information

Step 3: Enter Job Details

  • Add a job title
  • Add the location of your job
  • Choose if the job is full-time or part-time
  • If possible add salary information (depending on the pay rate this will attract more applicants)

Step 4: Paste Job Description

  • If the job description is pre-written in a word processor, copy and paste it into the description field
  • Type out your description if you don't have it written elsewhere
  • Format the description to make it easy to read

Step 5: Specify Screener Questions

  • Add any screener questions that you would like in order to help screen applicants

Step 6: Decide Whether to Sponsor the Job for More Visibility

  • Choose to sponsor the job if you would like it to remain visible for a longer period of time