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The Buddy System

Human Resources

Used to help the on-boarding process with new hires.

Assign the new hire a Buddy.

A veteran of the team who is knowledgeable on the basic processes of the company.

Task list

  • Assign the appropriate tasks to the new hire and the Buddy.

Buddy - Have an introduction with the new hire before day 1

The pair should have an email interaction or written introduction in the utilized communication platform.

Did you schedule a virtual video conference before the team meeting on day 1?

User will type answer here...

Task list

  • Exchange professional email information.
  • Schedule virtual video conference before the team meeting on day 1.

Here is a template for the email/chat communication:

Hey (name)! Welcome to the team, we are so excited to have you on board. My name is (name), and I am the (position title) at Metadot. I am your "Buddy", and I will be helping you throughout the week to make this process as easy as possible. I am your go-to person if you have any questions, or need any assistance. I have worked at Metadot for (amount of time), and live in (location). I would like to schedule a video meeting with you for tomorrow morning before the first team meeting, so we can get to know each other better, and we can cover what to expect your first week. Does (day/date) at (time) work? Here is the link for our meeting (insert link to video chat). 

I look forward to speaking with you! 


Buddy meets new hire

The Buddy will explain the expectations for the day. Ex: How meetings work, the schedule, agenda, how to operate the communication system, team members the new hire will be meeting, etc. As well as answering any questions.

Task list

  • Explain the "Sprint" system. How it is used, why it is used, and the expectations.
  • Explain what it means to be "DONE" in the Sprint.
  • Explain Happy Hours and expectations.
  • Explain the dress-code and reasoning for: "The Green Delivery" and "Elegant Friday"
  • Explain the meeting expectations. Ex: Camera on, microphone muted.
  • Establish a time to have daily 1-1 video calls with the Buddy and the new hire.

Introduction to the team

The Buddy contacts and schedules meetings for the new hire with team members and management.

Task list

  • Explain the purpose of these meetings/introductions.
  • Communicate meeting times and add to the Google Calendar.

New hire has 1-1 meetings with the team.

10-15 minute virtual video meetings through the main form of communication. Learn about each role and the daily tasks of the individual.

Who has the On-boarding Buddy met with?

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Has the On-boarding Buddy had all 1-1 meetings with necessary team members?

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Buddy arranges meeting with HR for new hire

Arrange a meeting for the new hire to complete any final paperwork or documents.

New hire has meeting with HR.

Task list

  • Complete any necessary documents.
  • Share any necessary documents with HR resource.

End of Week 1: Ask for Feedback

At the end of Week 1, ask about the experience and share the link to the survey about the Onboarding process with the new hire.

Has the new hire completed the feedback survey?

User will pick from this choices

Buddy - Report information to Daniel and HR Manager

The Buddy sends an email including information about who they helped onboard, how the process went, questions, concerns, and the feedback that was received.

Task list

  • Send email to Daniel with information about the process.
  • Send email to HR Manager with information about the process.