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Restaurant Closing Checklist Template


Checklist to go through before closing the restauurant doors.

Complete the Closing Inspection

Task list

  • Ensure all cutlery is washed, wiped & stacked properly along with crockery items
  • Ensure all service staff have been debriefed and assigned closing duties
  • Wash, wipe, and stack all dirty glassware
  • Ensure the housekeeping staff has cleaned the floor
  • Dispose of garbage appropriately
  • Place all crockery, cutlery, and glassware in dishwasher
  • Clean the back & service area
  • Report any breakage that occurred
  • Clean all of the tables & counters
  • Check folders for comment cards
  • Turn off air-conditioning system
  • Leave any left behind/lost items from guests with the lost and found
  • Prepare restaurant for the following day
  • Ensure all equipment has been stored appropriately
  • Clean and stack the side stations appropriately
  • Ensure the soiled linen is stored as per standard and the tied into bundles
  • Ensure the dish-washer has been cleared
  • Switch off POS machine & music systems
  • Review checks to ensure there are no discrepancies
  • Check for the sale & menu item summary report
  • Evaluate void items / KOT to be Authorized
  • Ensure log books are accurately filled-in
  • Check the closing staff has clocked out
  • Switch off lights, lock doors, and arm the security system