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Preparing Real Estate Property for Photography Checklist Template

Real Estate

Use when getting ready to photograph a property.

Slenderize Furnishing

  • Remove all furniture that is not necessary. Create more open space
  • Place furniture and decoration only where they are appropriate. Put children’s chairs and toys back in the children’s bedroom and the computer in the office
  • Remove all used-looking furnishings (worn upholstered couches, stained carpets, scratched sideboards etc.)
  • Move all domestic animals to another place – sounds tough but promotes the success of the presentation

Perform Basic Cleaning

  • Let professionals clean the whole space
  • Clear all floors, furniture’s surfaces, wall tiles, mirrors and windows from dirt, streaks and dust
  • Remove spider webs, especially in corners and around ceiling lamps
  • Remove all lime and drop marks from faucets, sinks and bath tubs

Create Clarity

  • Care for uniformity. A table should only be surrounded by chairs of the same model. In a glass cabinet only display dishes of the same series
  • Align all chairs at dining tables, kitchen counters or working places
  • Sort books according to their size
  • Straighten all lampshades

De-Personalize all Interiors

  • Hide all family-related photographs and other mementos
  • Remove any signs of religious or political preferences of the owners (unless you want to sell only to a specific target group)
  • Clear the whole property from hints to preferences in sports, hobbies and brands
  • Don’t show records and certificates of the owner
  • Remove all kinds of souvenirs and trophies from walls and shelves

Minimize Decoration

  • Hide all small images, any knickknacks and hobbyist collections
  • Remove all pillows and blankets from the living room
  • Place only one piece of deco on each table
  • Remove all newspapers and magazines
  • Remove trash cans and waste baskets
  • Clear all tables, trays and cabinets in the kitchen
  • Keep only one or two items per panel of glass cabinets
  • Remove all magnets, photographs and children’s drawings from fridges and pin boards
  • Hide all cables and electricity distributors

Staighten Fabrics

  • Straighten blankets, bed sheets and bed covers
  • Plump up the cushions and smooth them out
  • Care for evenly hanging curtains
  • Make sure there are no waves in the carpets
  • Take down all towels from their hooks, fold them and stack them near the sink

Controls Stocks

  • Display only new packets of expendable items (toilet tissue, paper towels etc.)
  • Remove all opened bottles from a bar

Check Lighting

  • Switch on all lamps and replace broken light bulbs. Maintain the same wattage/performance for all bulbs within one lamp
  • Check the proper function of all outdoor lighting (garden lamps, door lights, patio lights, pool lamps). If they don't work, remove them

Get the Outdoor Area Ready

  • Remove all vehicles from driveways
  • Make sure garbage cans are unseen
  • Put garden tools, garden hoses, sprinklers and used barbecues in the garbage
  • Mow the lawn
  • Rake garden beds and drive ways
  • Sweep pavement areas
  • Give the pool a professional cleaning
  • Shut all doors and windows for the first outdoor image
  • Make sure window and door shutters are open