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Copyright Application Checklist Template


Used for preparing to apply for a copyright.

Copyright Registration Checklist

  • Name/Title of the work: __________________________________[the work]
  • Type of work: audio, visual, written, etc._________________________
  • What are you claiming rights to: (e.g. text, audio, visual, lyrics, sound, etc.)
  • Provide the following for all creators, authors and/or contributors of the work: name(s), address(es),telephone number(s), and citizenship
  • In what year was creation completed? Is the work still being modified?
  • What is the date of first publication of the work? Where was the work published?
  • Is the work based upon a derivative or does it incorporate any preexisting work(s). If so, please explain
  • If yes to the question above, please describe what was added to or changed to make this work