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Business Travel Checklist Template

Travel Necessities

Use this to help you prepare for business trips.

Pre-Travel Steps

  • Find out who is responsible for your travel plans and get contact information
  • Make sure you are signed up for the airline's loyalty program if you fly frequently
  • Make sure you are staying close to where you will need to work
  • Make sure there is somewhere you can get internet access and make phone calls

Get your Workplace Ready

  • Finish any local projects that need to get done before you leave
  • Notify business partners of travel plans: location, length of the trip, and best way to reach you in case of emergency.
  • Set up your out of office email message
  • Prepare a schedule for your business meetings
  • Create a folder with all travel itineraries and receipts for flights and accommodations

Prepare your home for your departure

  • Leave your schedule, addresses and contact information with someone you trust
  • Arrange with someone to take care of your pets, plants, and kids
  • Lock doors, windows, garage, and gates and leave keys with trusted person.
  • Suspend routine deliveries like food plans and newspapers
  • Turn down your thermostat