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Open House Process Checklist Template

Real Estate

This checklist will help you prep for an open house.

7 Days Before the Open House

Things to do 7 days before the open house:

  • Send Invitational post cards
  • Post your open house on social media
  • Call and invite 100+ neighbors
  • Find and book a caterer
  • Mark the open house on and MLS
  • Post the open house on Craigslist
  • Find and book a staging company

2 Days Before the Open House

Things to do 2 days before the open house:

  • Door knock with open house door hangers
  • Clean and stage home
  • Record video tour and post on social media
  • Prepare and print open house kit

Open house kit checklist:

  • Make the welcome sign
  • Create a sign-in sheet
  • Create an open house brochure
  • Create a house hunting checklist featuring the aspects of the home
  • Create a buyer road map

The Day of the Open House

The day of the open house checklist:

  • Place maximum number of open house signs in the neighborhood
  • Run a facebook ad
  • Door knock neighbors to remind them
  • Hang up the welcome sign
  • Set up flyers, business cards, and other documents near the entrance
  • Have a host posted at the door
  • Take videos and photos of your event

1 Day After the Open House

The day after the open house checklist:

  • Post pictures of the successful event on Facebook
  • Send "Thank you" texts and emails
  • Call seller with feedback