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Prom Planning Checklist Template

Schools and Education

Helps plan prom.


  • Sell spirit items; purchase poms and other products that have been imprinted with your school logo to resell at games and events
  • Consider a good old car wash. Grab some buckets and suds up those dirty vehicles
  • Sell personalized candy bars

Promote your Fundraiser

  • Create personalized banners
  • Create personalized signs
  • Ask a local radio station for free advertisement

Pick a Theme & Decor

  • Look online for themes and kits that will be cheaper when bought all together
  • Take a poll of your class mates asking for ideas for the theme

Tickets and Invitations

  • Have a few people from the prom committee create tickets and invitations that match your theme

Choose and Order Dance Floor Decor

  • Make a list of all decor items that you will need
  • Search for the cheapest deals for decorations
  • Order decor as long as it is within school budget

Order Table Decor

  • Make sure the tables are fun enough to keep people interested but not too fun to keep them off of the dance floor
  • Search for the best table decor deals
  • Order as long as the decor is within budget

Plan your own Selfie Center (Photo Booth)

  • Create personalized backgrounds
  • Create fabric backgrounds
  • Make sure you have photo booth props
  • Create and post hashtags

Order for Prom Walk

  • Aisle runners
  • Rope railing
  • Arches

Promote your Prom

  • Hang banners
  • Hand out decals and stickers
  • Create posters
  • Banner paint
  • Car paint

Order Royalty for your Coronation Ceremony

  • Crowns
  • Tiaras
  • Sashes
  • Scepters
  • Royalty Combos (Save up to 35% per package)
  • Royalty Accessories
  • Royalty Robes

Choose Personalized Favors for your Guests

  • Prom Favors Swag Bags
  • Prom bus favors, candy bars, lollipops, mint tins, key tags

Last Minute Details

Task list

  • Check in with your vendors to make sure all orders are on schedule
  • Lay-out a rough draft of your venue and how it will be decorated
  • Come up with a game plan for the decorating committee for the day of prom