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Employee Termination Checklist

Employees / Staff

Use this checklist when an employee is leaving the organization.

Exit process

Record details of employee's termination


User will type answer here...

Employee email address

User will type answer here...


User will type answer here...

Receive resignation letter

Notify HR, payroll, IT and more....

Task list

  • Notify HR
  • Notify payroll
  • Notify IT
  • Notify facility

Recover property

Collect office keys

Collect office badge

Collect corporate credit card

Collect cellphone

Collect laptop

Online accounts

Remove access to Helpdesk

Remove email access

Disconnect computer login

Change passwords


Cancel benefits

Task list

  • Health insurance cancelled
  • Dental insurance cancelled?
  • Life insurance cancelled?
  • Disability insurance canceled
  • Retirement contributions stopped

Does employee want Cobra?

User will pick from this choices

Give letter discussing status of benefits

Discuss non-compete agreement

Exit interview

Have exit interview

Collect written permission for future reference checks

Provide an address update form

Talk to staff

Open position requisition completed (if applicable)

Final pay

Take employee off payrol

Notify former employee's clients or customers

Provide severance pay if applicable


Farewell gift ordered

Farewell party organized

After farewell

Cleanup desk