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Creating a Customer Care Program


Used as a starting point for creating a way for customers to get support.

Customer Care Setup List

  • Find out exactly what your customer's would like. Phone support? Chat support? Remote Service?
  • Make it easy for the customers by having access to their purchase or service request in a database. Don't make them provide everything to you
  • Offer monthly surveys to find out what the customer would like improved
  • Make sure the expectations are set accurately from the beginning. Don't over promise and when possible, over deliver
  • Be transparent about any issues that are happening and make sure the customers know your working to fix it
  • Respond to customers as fast as possible. If any should be waiting for answers it's you
  • If you haven't heard from a customer in a long time try to be the one who calls them to check on them. Really check on them, find out if they are doing well, offer tips you may have recently come across
  • Make sure any employees who are frequently asking for permission to access tools to help the customers have everything they need. The customers don't like thinking that they are speaking to the bottom of the totem pole.
  • Have empathy. Really force yourself to think about why anyone would need what they are asking for
  • Say yes and find a way whenever possible