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School Maintenance Monthly Campus Checklist

Schools and Education

Used for keeping the campus up to par.


Task list

  • All exit and emergency lighting operational
  • Walkways both interior and exterior are free of trip hazards
  • All security cameras functioning properly
  • All entrances are free of slip hazards. Appropriate measures are taken during inclement weather to prevent slips and falls
  • All exterior doors in proper working order (self close and lock properly)
  • All room numbers and emergency evacuation charts present
  • Health, safety and security deficiencies properly documented and reported
  • All fire extinguishers present and in proper working order. Tags signed and dated
  • All fire alarm and security systems are working properly. No fire, security or trouble alarms are shown on the main panels
  • All fire, tornado, lock down earthquake drills held and properly conducted
  • Halls, restrooms, offices, classrooms and support areas are clean
  • All interior and exterior signage in good condition
  • All classroom and office computers are functioning properly
  • All classroom lights and electrical outlets are functioning properly
  • Heating and air conditioning grills and filters are clean
  • Classrooms, corridors and offices have no roof leaks. Ceiling tiles, and ceiling grid T-bars are properly in place
  • All panic hardware, hinges and doorknobs are in proper working order
  • All flooring is being properly maintained
  • All restroom fixtures are inspected and in working order
  • Telecommunication systems are functioning properly in all areas
  • Non-working heating and air conditioning systems are reported to Facilities
  • Campus fencing is in good condition and gates operate properly. No areas where children can get under fences
  • School grounds are well maintained. Grass cut and shrubs trimmed to allow for surveillance by the police department
  • Storm drains clear of debris with no washouts or sinkholes
  • All custodial equipment properly maintained, fully operational and serviced following manufacture's recommendation
  • All driveways inspected and are free of potholes or damage
  • Exterior lighting is in working order and turns on and off at appropriate times
  • Appropriate electrical equipment is shut down when not in use to conserve energy
  • Work orders submitted for all deficiencies