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Setting up a Feng Shui Room Checklist Template


Used when making a room friendly to those who practice Fen Shui

Bed and Bed Placement

  • Choose a strong sturdy headboard, especially wood, for needed support
  • Select specific element for bed construction based on compass direction of bedroom location, such as metal bed frame for west or northwest sector and wood bed for east or southeast sector
  • Place bed so the head points toward one of the best directions according to Eight Mansions Kua formula (see article link for calculating your Kua number)
  • Place bed diagonally opposite door leading into bedroom
  • Allow walk around space on each side of bed for easy access
  • Never sleep with your mattress directly on the floor. Use a bed frame
  • Avoid a floating bed, by placing the headboard against a solid wall
  • Never place bed underneath exposed beams
  • Don’t place bed between two doors
  • Never place bed facing column or protruding corner
  • Do not place bed directly opposite door leading into bedroom (coffin position)
  • Avoid placing bed opposite bathroom door
  • Do not place bed in front of or underneath window

Other Pieces of Bedroom Furniture and Object Rules

  • Place matching nightstands or tables on both sides of bed
  • Invest in a quality mattress, pillows and bed linens
  • If suffering from low energy, add more yang energy to bedroom with red or purple colors
  • Dressers and chests of drawers shouldn’t create poison arrows directed at the bed
  • Mirrors should never reflect the bed


  • Choose yin color for main bedroom color, such as green, yellow or blue
  • Encourage wealth by adding colors red, gold or purple as accent colors
  • Design a calm and restive bedroom with yin colors
  • Add more yin energy with colors through decorative objects, art and accessories. Bedrooms need more yin energy than yang energy for restive energies
  • Avoid sharp or pointed decorative objects that create poison arrows
  • Never place an aquarium or water fountain in bedroom. These generate too much yang energy and interfere with sleep
  • Avoid live plants in bedroom. These generate yang energy
  • Don’t place a desk in bedroom. Work activities are the opposite of rest and create active/high energy (yang)

Bedroom Ideas for Health

  • Maintain a clutter free bedroom
  • Keep bedroom closets and drawers organized
  • Close doors and drawers
  • Make bed daily
  • Add symbols of health and longevity as art or art objects, such as a crane and peaches