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Telephone Service Standard for Hotel Operators


A way to judge if Telephone service is up to par in the hospitality business.

Telephone Service Standard for Operators

  • All calls are answered within 3 rings, every time
  • External greetings included: name of operator and an offer of assistance
  • Operators spoke in a clear tone with an entertaining smile in their voice, never sounded too rushed to be of help
  • Callers were allowed to speak and not interrupted
  • In case of internal guest calls operators used guest name at least one time
  • Operators waited for the caller to hang up first to ensure that the call was complete
  • Operator asked permission to place call on hold, and operator waited for confirmation from guest / caller
  • Placed on hold for no more than 30 seconds
  • Callers were informed that they would be transferred and destination of transfer was verified before transfer
  • Proper telephone etiquette was used while transferring calls
  • Operators verified guest name before contacting room when only room number was given
  • Operators never released room number or name to callers
  • Operator offered to take message and repeated details with complete accuracy
  • Messages delivered within 30 minutes; content was complete, accurate and legible
  • Operator was the last to speak, confirmed transfer, offered thanks or offer of additional assistance
  • When wake up calls were requested, the following information was obtained: Name, room number, time, date and day
  • A second reminder call was always offered (Generally, a 15 minute reminder call is given)
  • Wake up call information was reconfirmed and also offered for coffee, tea, breakfast service.
  • Wake up calls entered on EPBX or PMS within 5 minutes of the request
  • Wake up call was personalized and included time of the day, outside temperature and weather, and wish of a pleasant day
  • Operator, offered additional assistance after providing wake-up call