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Real Estate Website Design Checklist

Real Estate

A guide checklist for creating a realistate online presence.

Your Brand

Make sure the following are on your site:

  • Use a clear and easy to read headline
  • Design a unique and recognizable logo
  • Memorable olor scheme
  • Use fonts that represent your style and are easy to read

Your Image


  • A list of agent photos and a team photo
  • High resolution property images
  • Landscape imagery from the area
  • Banner images

Your Story


  • A video to introduce the company
  • A bio about the history of the company
  • Links to articles about your company
  • Blog articles that are made to inform

Your Message


  • A simple and descriptive slogan for your business
  • A mission statement with your core values
  • A video introduction to your website
  • Friendly and inviting messages instead of canned responses

Your Expertise


  • A set of articles about the areas where you specialize
  • Client testimonials
  • List of local resources
  • Credentials and affiliations

Your Info


  • A phone number and email address that’s one click away
  • A list of your top areas of expertise
  • A visual map of your location
  • A full set of links to your social media pages

Your Domain


  • A strategically chosen URL for your expertise and location
  • A fully responsive website for viewing on mobile devices
  • A security certificate for added protection
  • A professionally branded email address

Your Connections


  • A concise navigation menu to help your site visitors
  • A call-to-action button on every page
  • A chat plugin for real-time response
  • A lead capture form or opt-in feature to get in touch immediately