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School Fundraising Checklist Template

Schools and Education

Used to help plan a fundraiser.

Before Your Fundraiser Starts

  • Planning meeting with your Fundraising Representative
  • Set a goal
  • Plan teacher's metting and kickoff assembly
  • Confirm dates with the principal
  • Ask for volunteers
  • Create letters to parents and flyers for promotion
  • Ask school office to send home a pre-sale flyer before school closes for summer, or send it home in the opening-day information packets
  • Request class lists from the school office for record keeping and labeling the student sales kits. See if computerized labels can be made
  • Set the start and end dates for the fundraiser
  • Conduct teachers’ meeting with your fundraising company representative
  • Distribute sales kits to classrooms (elementary schools)
  • Select and confirm a safe, dry location for the product to be stored throughout the sale

Promote Your School Fundraiser

  • Plan and create your fundraising promotions and displays
  • Ask the school webmaster to place a link or banner ad on the school website so people can make fundraising contributions online
  • Contact your community newspaper to publish information about your fundraiser. Be sure to provide the dates, reason(s) you’re raising money, and who to contact

During Your School Fundraiser

  • Have a kickoff assembly to get students excited to sell
  • Teachers send fundraising sales kits home with students
  • Send home a mid-fundraiser reminder to keep the momentum going
  • Use a tally sheet to keep track of products and money
  • Send reminder notice of the fundraiser end date home with students
  • Implement fundraising promotions for students like: top fundraiser awards, classroom competitions and teacher contests

After The Fundraiser

  • Finish collecting and tallying fundraising orders
  • Prepare prize orders (where applicable)
  • Settle your account with your fundraising company
  • Send thank-you letters telling how much money was raised and how it will be used. Keep track of the contact information and amount that your donors contributed – this list will be very useful for future fundraisers
  • Distribute student fundraising prizes to teachers to give to students (where applicable)
  • Have a follow-up meeting with your fundraising representative and sign up for next year’s fundraiser