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On-page SEO Checklist for Real Estate Agents Template

Real Estate

Used for broadening your search presence.

Meta Title Tag

The meta title of a web page is what the HTML for the webpage is titled. Meta titles give information to search engines. This is why they are so important. If the meta title is done properly it can greatly increase the chances that your website will be returned in searches online. The meta title is typically what text will be shown in a browser tab when your site is open.

  • <title> PAGE TITLE </title>
  • Must be unique for every page
  • Must include a target keyword
  • Should be around 60-70 characters

Meta Description

  • 150 characters long
  • A summary of the content on a page
  • Must include your target keyword
  • Must entice people to click on a link


  • Must contain the target keyword
  • Must be unique
  • Must be easy to read and describe the page

H1 and H2 Headings

H1 Headers: 

  • Acts like the title of a book.
  • Attracts viewers if done correctly. 

H2 Headers:

  • Act like chapter headings. 
  • Displays concise overview of what topics are covered.
  • Help the viewer navigate the content of the page.

Why these headers are important:

  • Having good headers will reduce bounce rates, and increase average time spent on the site. These are two focal points of google's search engine and the better those metrics are, the more likely your site will be bumped up in search results.
  • Must include a target keyword
  • Should be eye-catching and appealing
  • Should be relevant to the page content

Image ALT Text

  • Your business name, address and phone number with your area code
  • Must be included within a head or footer of your website
  • Correct spelling of the NAP info on all internal and external pages