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Concierge Services and Function Audit Checklist Template


Checklist for checking the service of your concierge.

Front Desk Manners

  • Concierge staff answered calls within 3 rings
  • On the telephone, concierge had a smiling greeting which included their name and an offer of assistance
  • Permission was always asked to place call on hold, and concierge waited for response
  • Concierge desk was manned at all times
  • Concierge was attentive and watched for guests that needed assistance
  • Guest was acknowledged with eye contact and smile
  • A polite warm greeting, offer of assistance, etc. was made, even if the concierge was on the phone
  • The desk was kept clean, organized and professional at all times
  • Guest’s name was obtained and used at least one time during the conversation
  • Concierge recommended details about hotel own facilities and services (Restaurant, SPA etc.) first
  • Staff was knowledgeable about all aspects of the local sightseeing, particularly what was new and hot in restaurants, bars, clubs, shows, and concerts
  • Written confirmations included guest’s name, address and phone number of venue, time of reservation, and other relevant information
  • Always provided anticipatory service; the staff went the extra mile when aware of a special occasion
  • Special requests were met, and concierge followed up on all details
  • Maps, directions, restaurant guides, shopping guides, and entertainment guides were available
  • Gratuities were discreetly accepted with gratitude
  • Concierge staff was the last to speak, offered thanks or offer of additional assistance
  • Concierge was well groomed, uniformed, name tag was present
  • Concierge staff did not eat, smoke or chew gum
  • The speed of service was adjusted to the environment and the needs of the guest