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Customer Engagement Checklist Template


Used to improve customer engagement.

Surprise the Customer

Task list

  • Send personalized emails and phone calls to welcome and thank your customers
  • Create checklists for your customer's to help them improve their experience with your product
  • Send perks to your customer's that they are not expecting to receive


Task list

  • Create surveys and voting tools for your customer's to use, allowing them to have a say in improvements
  • Ask your customers what they want in proactive calls

Making the Customers Happy

Task list

  • Compliment the customer's ideas or use cases of your product
  • Make sure to listen completely to any issues that the customer has and provide an avenue for improvement
  • Understand the customer's expectations

Be Social with the Customers

Task list

  • Add the customers on social networks like Linkedin and check out what they post
  • Share testimonies from your customers and make sure they know about it

Be a Human

Task list

  • Try to avoid sending numerous amounts of canned responses and instead answer like you would to someone standing on the other side of a storefront counter
  • Make notes on what customer's want so that you can contact them when improvements are made

Offer Group Support

Task list

  • Run webinars with entire groups of customers so that they can feed off of each other's knowledge, questions and network