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Listing Transaction Checklist Template

Real Estate

Checklist to help manage listing transactions for agents.

Pre Listing

Prelisting Checklist:

  • Send introduction email to client (pref vendors)
  • Finalize listing agreement
  • Verify client information, and check tax records
  • Obtain MLS data and input information
  • Obtain Sellers', lead-based paint, and other disclosures
  • Send estimated net to seller with cost explanations
  • Add sellers to loop and any information you already know
  • Submit documents to brokerage compliance
  • Share documents with sellers
  • Setup pre-listing tasks
  • Send listing expectations email
  • Schedule photos, and any pre-listing inspections or repairs
  • Notify sellers of date and time of photos
  • Add all items to calendar

Live Listing

LIve Listing Checklist:

  • Monday: send weekly update email
  • List property in MLS
  • Assign keybox
  • Send out an update showing instructions
  • Upload the property disclosures
  • Send the live listing email to seller
  • Submit any additional advertisements
  • Submit any necessary MLS listing confirm files to brokerage
  • Schedule any open houses
  • Review Zillow and listings
  • Execute listing agreement amendment as instructed
  • Make changes to the MLS listing as instructed

Under Contract

Under Contract Checklist

  • Mondays - send weekly update email
  • Send the SELLER a congrats email with team introduction
  • Send the AGENT a congrats email with team introduction (offer to dual)
  • Change the MLS to pending
  • Review all documents for accuracy
  • Retrieve missing documents/signatures as required
  • Complete the closing transmittal
  • Order the title and deliver closing transmittal
  • Update the closing timeline
  • Send the closing timeline email to seller
  • Order any required documents, warranties, inspections, etc.
  • Confirm receipt of earnest money
  • Submit all files to brokerage compliance
  • Verify the appraisal has been ordered
  • Verify the appraisal has passed
  • Verify all title work is complete
  • Confirm buyer's lender clear to close


Inspections Checklist:

  • Mondays - send a weekly update email
  • Confirm dates/times of inspection(s) with buyer's agent
  • Send seller's inspection time email
  • Receive inspection reports and notice
  • Coordinate documents and signatures as required
  • Coordinate repair quotes and service
  • Update all parties on repairs
  • Receive repair receipts and documentation
  • Distribute repair receipts and documentation to all parties

Pre Closing

Pre Closing Checklist

  • Mondays - send weekly update email
  • Confirm seller's new address
  • Coordinate quotes, and moving service
  • Coordinate utility transfers, internet/cable/satellite
  • Confirm closing times with agents and title
  • Send final walkthrough & closing email to seller
  • Order agent's thank you closing gift
  • Receive / distribute closing, disclosure and settlement statement
  • Send Agent's CDA to title/attorney
  • Ensure no additional amendments are required with agents

Post Closing

Post Closing Checklist:

  • Confirm closing and funding
  • Final milestone email to seller (feedback request)
  • Congrats & thank you email to buyer's agent (feedback request)
  • Prepare tax letter and any closing requirements
  • Submit final documents to brokerage compliance
  • Close out file