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International Travel Checklist Template

Travel Necessities

Use this template to help prepare before an international trip.

Know your destination

  • Check on weather and other events in the area
  • Check the exchange rates, money management and ATM fees
  • Read up on local laws and requirements
  • Learn about local customs

Research health requirements

  • Research if vaccinations are required.
  • Renew medications/prescriptions to ensure you have enough while on the trip.
  • Purchase travel insurance.
  • Schedule a vaccination, if necessary.

Organize documents

  • Pack Passport/ID
  • If required, pack Visa
  • Include documented proof of vaccinations
  • Include the necessary documents for proof of custody if traveling alone with a child
  • Make a copy of travel insurance documents
  • Store in purse or wallet: money/debit/credit cards
  • Find the location of the nearest US embassy
  • Create a copy of medical documents
  • Create copies of all extra, necessary documents
  • Download digital files

Arrange plans to secure your house

  • Have mail delivery temporarily delayed
  • Notify family members/neighbors of travel plans
  • Ensure doors are locked, and any security systems are functioning properly
  • Arrange care/boarding for pets

Pack your suitcase

Here is a list of personal items to pack when leaving for an international trip.

  • Clothes = business/casual/workout/formal
  • Toiletries = hair products/dental products/hygiene products
  • Health = vitamins/medications/prescriptions
  • Glasses = sunglasses/prescription glasses/contact solution/cases
  • Technology = laptops/phones/headsets/chargers
  • Maps