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End-of-Year HR Checklist Template

Human Resources

Used to help get through the end of the year and onto the next.


Prepare for ACA compliance responsibilities, including:

  • Calculate number of Full-Time Employees (FTEs)
  • Perform Affordability Test on your benefits offerings
  • Double-check status of grandfathered plans to see if they can carry over
  • Distribute Health Insurance Marketplace Notices to employees
  • Consider amending employee pre-tax contribution to FSA to meet any increases
  • Prepare for reporting Forms 1094-C and 1095-C to the IRS
  • Prepare to distribute written statements to your employees

Examine benefits package, including:

  • Compare your offering to market averages to stay competitive
  • Update benefits package (if needed)


  • Finalize employee open enrollment details
  • Verify employee dependent coverage
  • Distribute new health insurance cards to employees
  • Ensure proper end-of-year PTO carryover in the system or pay employees out for PTO, depending on your policy


Review company-wide salaries, including:

  • Perform cost-of-living adjustment, if necessary
  • Compare your offering to market averages to stay competitive


  • Schedule & issue holiday bonuses
  • Prepare for the first payroll run of the new year
  • Confirm new year payroll schedule
  • Order W-2s and 1099s
  • Review employee wage, tax, and withholding information (such as W-4s)


  • Ensure employee classification compliance
  • Update employee handbook
  • Audit personnel files for compliance
  • Verify that correct labor laws are properly posted
  • Research new state, city, or federal labor laws
  • Update OSHA logs
  • Distribute annual notices to employees, e.g. ERISA
  • Ensure that anti-harassment training is completed
  • Move terminated personnel files to storage


Review hiring processes

  • Analyze recruiting process, onboarding length, etc.
  • Have departments check staffing needs to plan for new hires
  • Create and update succession plans
  • Update job descriptions

General HR

  • Review HR budget for the new year to begin to allocate resources
  • Perform annual performance reviews
  • Plan holiday party
  • Make departmental New Year’s resolutions
  • Review and update company policies
  • Remind employees to update information (addresses, tax documents, etc.)
  • Review vendor contracts and set up renewal details
  • Back up any necessary HR data and personnel files
  • Clean and organize personal workspaces
  • Create and distribute vacation calendar for new year