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Health Officer / School Nurse Checklist Template

Schools and Education

Used for keeping the school nurse position well maintained.

Maintaining Student Health

  • Completed health records for each student
  • Updated health records, as appropriate
  • Obtained necessary information about student allergies and other health factors
  • Developed system to log health complaints (note symptoms, location and time of symptom onset, and exposure to pollutant sources)
  • Monitored trends in health complaints (especially in timing or location of complaints)
  • Investigated potential causes of health complaints (for example, school was renovated or refurbished recently; individual recently started working with new or different materials or equipment; new practices or products, such as cleaners or pesticides)
  • Ensured that the school prohibits smoking
  • Noted any new warm-blooded animals introduced into classrooms
  • Reviewed and understood indicators of IAQ-related problems

Health, IAQ, and Hygiene Education

  • Educated students and staff about the importance of good hygiene
  • Arranged individual instruction / counseling where necessary
  • Developed information and education programs for parents and staff
  • Established an information and counseling program for smokers
  • Provided literature on smoking and secondhand smoke
  • Educated school staff, students, and parents on the link between IAQ and health
  • Posters were put up around the school, especially in bathrooms, on the importance of washing hands

Health Officer's Office

  • Ensured the ventilation system operates properly and supplies adequate quantities of outdoor air (i.e., at least 25 cubic feet per minute of outdoor air per occupant)
  • Ensured that air filters are clean and properly installed
  • Ensured that air supply pathways are clear of any obstructions
  • Determined that air removed from the health office is separated from the ventilation system to avoid affecting other occupied areas of the school