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Optimizing Your Home Selling Price Checklist

Real Estate

Used to help home sellers in getting the most out of there selling price.

Curb Appeal

  • Trim the lawn and make sure the grass is healthy and weed free
  • Trim bushes and shrubs
  • Make sure the plants are not touching the home
  • Seal any cracks in the drive way
  • Make sure there are no weeds protruding from the driveway
  • Remove toys and any clutter

House Exterior

  • Freshly / newer painted siding
  • Recently painted / touched‐up trim
  • Repair, repaint fences and gates
  • Clean and aligned / secure gutters and downspouts
  • Wash and align shutters
  • Wash all windows, storms, screens
  • Re‐stain deck if needed

Front Door Area

  • Clean & remove spider webs from around the front steps as needed
  • Check front doorbell and bell light
  • Replace welcome mat
  • Paint or wash storm door & lubricate hinges
  • Polish door lockset and hinges
  • Clean and wash front door tread

Living, Family and Dining Rooms

  • Repair and repaint or touch up walls, ceilings & trim
  • Clean outlets, light switches and door knobs
  • Clean, shampoo or replace flooring as needed


  • Repaint / touch up walls
  • Replace or clean drapes, blinds and bedspread
  • Clean or replace flooring as needed
  • Organize, clean out, neaten all closets
  • Put all clothing in drawers or in closets
  • If bedroom is small, put a smaller sized bed in the room to make it appear larger


  • Paint walls, ceiling as needed (neutral & lighter is best)
  • Clean or replace flooring as needed
  • Wash, wipe down and clean appliances (inside & out)
  • Polish kitchen cabinets
  • Neatly arrange and clean food storage areas
  • Reorganize and clean out cabinets and drawers
  • Clear all clutter from countertops
  • Check to see that drawers / doors open easily
  • Replace / clean curtains, blinds and / or window coverings
  • Clean and put away pet food / watering dishes


  • Repaint with light, neutral colors (if needed)
  • Repair grout
  • Clean and scrub until the bathroom shines
  • Check to see that drawers/doors open easily
  • Clean medicine cabinet and organize
  • Seal around tubs and showers as needed
  • Check for evidence of water at the toilet base
  • Replace old toilet seats
  • Replace shower curtains
  • Display clean, neatly folded towels


  • Declutter as much as you can everywhere inside and outside of the home
  • Remove extra furniture so that the rooms seem larger
  • Replace old and burnt out light bulbs
  • Remove any cobwebs
  • Wash or polish any metal door pieces
  • Replace any old or faded switches or outlets
  • Clean out sweep and organize the garage
  • Make sure that the home smells good
  • Clean fireplace glass
  • Clean any wooden surfaces


  • Hide all medicine and prescriptions
  • Hide all jewelry or valuables