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Undergraduate Program Application Checklist Template

Schools and Education

Used to help you visualize what all needs to be done to apply to college.


Create an attack plan for your applications

  • Get information/application forms
  • Make a note about regular application deadline
  • Make a note about early application deadline
  • Find out essay prompts



  • Request your high school transcript to be sent to all universities you are applying to

University Entrance Exam Test Scores

University entrance exams

  • Send SAT scores
  • Send SAT Subject Test scores
  • Send AP® scores
  • Send ACT scores

Recommendation Letters

Steps for recommendation letter

  • Request recommendation letters
  • Make sure to ask your teacher in person
  • Print out a list with all university application deadlines and hand them out to your teachers who are writing your recommendation letters
  • Send thank-you notes


Working on your essay

  • Draft initial essay(s)
  • Proofread essay(s) for spelling and grammar
  • Have two people read and edit essay(s)
  • Revise your essay(s)
  • Proofread your revision


Review your application

  • Complete university applications
  • Use exact same name on all of your forms
  • Carefully review your entire application
  • Have a family member or teacher review application


Interview prep

  • Research types of questions they may ask
  • Dress professionally
  • Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview so you have time to find where you should be
  • Interview at university
  • Send thank-you note(s) to interviewer(s)

Send and Track your Application

Finishing up your application

  • Make copies of all application materials
  • Apply online
  • Include application fee
  • Sign application
  • Confirm receipt of application materials
  • Send supplemental material (if needed)
  • Mail your institutional aid form (if needed)
  • Mail state aid form (if needed)

Financial Aid

Financial aid forms

  • Make a note of priority financial aid deadline(s)
  • Make a note of regular financial aid deadline(s)
  • Submit FAFSA (Opens October1)
  • Submit CSS Profile™, if needed (Opens October 1)
  • Submit university aid form, if needed


University decision

  • Receive admission letter(s)
  • Receive financial aid award letter(s)
  • Get more information about each university
  • Ask questions about student resources and services
  • Compare university features and things you want
  • Compare financial aid awards side by side
  • Make a decision
  • Respond to university you’re attending
  • Respond to universities whose offers you’re declining
  • Send deposit
  • Send final high school transcript